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Perovskite LEDs: High Efficiency andHigh Brightness

发布日期:2019-11-12     文章来源:新葡亰496net物理学院      编辑:王馨霖     点击:

报告题目:Perovskite LEDs: High Efficiency andHigh Brightness

报告人:Prof. Jianpu Wang

Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM)

Nanjing Tech University

报告摘要:Solution-processedlight-emitting diodes (LEDs) are attractive for applications in low-cost,large-area lighting sources and displays. Organometal halide perovskites can beprocessed from solutions at low temperatures to form crystalline direct-bandgapsemiconductors with intriguing optoelectronic properties, such as highphotoluminescence yield, good charge mobility and excellent color purity. Inthis talk, I will present our effort to boost the efficiency of perovskite LEDsto a high level which is comparable to organic LEDs. More importantly, organicLEDs are difficult to maintain high efficiency at high current densities due totheir excitonic nature and low charge mobilities. Low temperaturesolution-processed perovskite LEDs demonstrate remarkably high efficiency athigh current densities, suggesting unique potential to achieve large sizeplanar LEDs with high efficiency at high brightness.

报告人简介:Jianpu Wang has been aprofessor at Nanjing Tech University since 2013. His research interests areorganic/perovskite semiconductor devices and device physics, aiming for displayand energy applications. Prior to NanjingTech, he was a postdoctoral researchassociate studying organic magnetic field effect in Cavendish Laboratory, Universityof Cambridge in 2009-2013. And he did his Ph.D study also in Cavendish from2006 to 2009, when he investigated organic semiconductor/inorganic nanocrystaldevices. Prof. Wang worked as a research engineer in Samsung Electronics inSouth Korea in 2003-2006, for developing OLED displays by using ink-jetprinting technology.







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